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The Triple Challenge: Food Security and Vulnerabilities of Fishing and Farming Households in Situations Characterized by Increasing Conflict, Climate Shock, and Environmental Degradation | Journal Paper, November 2022

As conflict, climate shocks, and land/water degradation—the “triple challenge”—continue to exert increasing pressure upon fishing and farming livelihoods in many developing countries, a need exists to better understand how differential vulnerabilities undermine or amplify food security outcomes.

Harms to Community Food Security Resulting from Gender-Based Violence | Journal Paper, December 2022

While the right to food and community self-reliance underpin current knowledge and interpretation of community food security (CFS), the literature on CFS seldom accounts for the ways in which gender-based violence (GBV) disrupts and undermines CFS. In this review, we make the case that GBV in CFS contexts manifests as a continuum, involving different forms of violence that blend into and reinforce each other, fueling social degradation and undermining the capacity of community food system workers to prioritise and pursue CFS.

Peace paths - understanding what helps and hinders peace in places experiencing multiple forms of violent conflict | Peace Pathways Project in Abuja, Nigeria, July 2022

Peace is imperative for driving human society to an inclusive, humane, equitable and sustainable social order. It is a critical public good in all societies of mankind and without it, no significant progress can be made. With peace, development thrives, economic prosperity is attained, and fundamental human rights of citizens is guaranteed - these create peaceful corridors that promote the human society. Conversely, exclusion, lack of equitable development, widespread abuse of human rights and a host of others, ruptures and negatively affect the human society.